Barbara Strozzi

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Amor non si fugge

Originally for Soprano and basso continuo.
Original Language: Italian

Cara Filli, quella tu sei ch'adoro,
Per te sola, per te languisco e moro.

Ben vid'io ch'un guardo adesca
Ch'allettando il seno adhugge,
Ma pur ardo e'l cor si strugge,
Che non fugge d'amor chi seco tresca.

Cara Filli...

S'è il languir colpo d'amore,
Fuggirò s'amor m'assale.
Ma 'l fuggir, ohimè, che vale?
Non si scioglie dal pie' laccio del core.

Cara Filli...


You can't run from love

Dear Phyllis, it's you that I adore;
for you alone, for you I languish and die.

I can clearly see that a glance allures,
and an enticed heart is bewitched,
yet I burn and my heart is being destroyed:
you don't run away from love if you're being reckless.

Dear Phyllis...

If languishing is the fault of love,
I'll flee if love assails me.
But alas, what good is running away?
The feet are not released from the chains of the heart.

Dear Phyllis...

Translated by:

Richard Kolb

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Cover of Amor Non Si Fugge

Amor Non Si Fugge

Published by Cor Donato Editions in historically correct modern transcription, including critical introductory notes on the work, editorial procedures, original texts with new English translations, and other contextual information about the piece.

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