Barbara Strozzi

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Pensiero troppo audace

Originally for Soprano and basso continuo.
Original Language: Italian

Se ne vola il mio pensiero
Per camino inaccessibile,
E con volo più ch'altero
Va cercando un impossibile.
Con fantastiche chimere
Ver due vive e vere stelle,
Tanto crude quanto belle,
S'incamina à più potere.
Per via così audace
Speranza mendace
Lo mena con sé.

Chi sapesse dov'egl'è,
O n'havesse qualche inditio?
Pria ch'arrivi al precipitio
Per pietà lo chiami a me.

Ei frenetico d'amore,
Sollevato è già a mezz'aria,
Dove pasce il suo dolore
D'una speme imaginaria.
Occiecato dalla sorte
Corre dietro alle ruine,
E adorando un vago crine
Ha per meta sol la morte.
Al suo grand'ardire
Un folle desire
Promette mercé.

Chi sapesse dov'egl' è...

Sprezza ogn'un che lo consiglia
In amor fatto tematico,
Et al mal sempre s'appiglia,
Dal gran duol già reso estatico.
Il suo perfido destino
L'ha condotto a segno tale
Che già già senz'haver ale
Sara molto al sol vicino,
A un sol si tiranno
Che pianti et affanno
Dà in premio alta fé.

Chi sapesse dov'egl' è...


Too Daring Thought

My thought flies away
on an inaccessible path,
and in arrogant flight
goes seeking the impossible.
With an implausable dream,
towards two real living stars,
as cruel as they are beautiful,
it goes with all its might.
On such a reckless course
truthless Hope
carries it onwards.

If anyone knows where it's gone,
or has any news of it,
I beg you to call it back to me
before it comes to destruction.

In a frenzy of love
it's already raised in mid-air,
where it nourishes its longing
with an imaginary hope.
Blinded by fate
it chases ruin,
and in adoring lovely flowing locks
has only death as its goal.
For its great daring
a foolish desire
promises mercy.

If anyone knows where it's gone...

It disdains anyone who counsels it,
obsessed by love,
and always gravitates to evil,
completely entranced by its great torment.
Its deceitful destiny
has led it to such an extreme
that even without wings it will
be very close to the sun,
such a cruel sun
that rewards exalted devotion
with such tears and sorrows.

If anyone knows where it's gone...

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Pensiero Troppo Audace

Published by Cor Donato Editions in historically correct modern transcription, including critical introductory notes on the work, editorial procedures, original texts with new English translations, and other contextual information about the piece.

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