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Tra le speranze e 'l timore

Originally for Soprano and basso continuo.
Original Language: Italian

"Timore, e che sarà?
Godremo sì o no?"
"Datemi libertà,
Speranze, e vel dirò
non s'accordano mai
le Speranze e 'l Timor,
ché l'uno sogna guai
e l'altre acceca Amor."
"Timore, di', pur di'!"
"Speranze, io vel dirò,
ma se dirò di no,
voi direte di sì."


Between Hope and Fear

- Fear, what shall we do?
Shall we enjoy ourselves, yes or no?
- Give me leave,
Hope, and I’ll tell you:
Hope and Fear will
never agree,
for one anticipates trouble
and the other is blinded by love.
- Fear, tell me, oh tell me!
- Hope, I’ll tell you,
but if I say no,
you'll say yes.

Translated by:

Richard Kolb

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Cover of Tra La Speranza e'l Timore

Tra La Speranza e'l Timore

Published by Cor Donato Editions in historically correct modern transcription, including critical introductory notes on the work, editorial procedures, original Italian texts with new English translations, and other contextual information about the piece.

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    Ensemble Incantato, Mona Spägele, soprano

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    • Tra le speranze e 'l timore, Op 2 (S, vlg, hps) [2:27]
  • Cantate e Ariette a Voce Solo

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    • Tra le speranze e 'l timore, Op 2 (S, bc) [2:27]
  • Dialoghi a voce sola

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    • Track #9 - Tra le speranze e'l timore - Timore, e che sarà, Op 2 (S, bc) [2:05]
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    Koch International Classics (2012) [Audio CD]

    • Tra le speranze e 'l timore, Op 2 (S, bc) [2:56]
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    Consort Baroque Laurentia, Peggy Bélanger, soprano, Michel Angers, theorbo

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    • Tra le speranze e 'l timore, Op 2 (S, th) [2:51]
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    • Tra le speranze e 'l timore, Op 2 (S, bc)