Barbara Strozzi

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Oleum effusum


Al SS. Nome di Dio
Originally for Soprano and basso continuo.
Original Language: Latin

Oleum effusum est nomen eius,
o nomen quod pietatis gratiam
et potentiam maiestatis sonat.
Sanctum olim et terribile nomen eius.
Sed currite gentes, effusum est nomen;
quod quicumquæ invocaverit salvus erit.

O nomen nectare dulcius beato,
o nomen nobile pingue delicatum,
Te cantu dicere Angelico debemus,
o nomen super omne nomen.

Angelorum Deus etiam
hominum se Deum nominat.
Effunde, aperi manum tuam
et imple omne animal benedictione,
venite ad confitendum nomini Domini
resonet in voce exultationis
et lætitiæ sonus epulantis.

Oleum effusum...

Effusum plane quod non solum cœlum terrasquæ persudit
sed aspersit et inferos,
dum ad hoc santum nomen flectitur omne genu.

O nomen...


His name is as oil poured out

For the Most Holy Name of God

His name is as oil poured out,
O name which sounds forth the grace of piety
and the power of majesty.
Holy, therefore, and awesome is His name.
But run, people, poured out is his name;
whoever calls on it shall be saved.

O name, sweeter than blessed honey,
o name, renowned ointment of delights,
you whom we should call Angelic in song,
o name above every name.

For the God of Angels
has called Himself the God of men.
Pour forth, open your hand
and fill every living being with blessing,
come, and in acknowledging the name of the Lord
let the voice of exultation
and the joyful sound of feasting resound.

It is poured out evenly, which not only bathes
Heaven and earth
But also sprinkles the infernal regions,
while every knee bends to this Holy Name.

O name...

Translated by:

David Larrick with revisions by Richard Kolb

Translations by Owen Daly and Dr. David Larrick have been specially commissioned by Please credit this site and the translators if you choose to use these texts.

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Oleum Effusum

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