Barbara Strozzi

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Salve sancta caro


Per il Santissimo
Originally for Soprano and basso continuo.
Original Language: Latin

Salve sancta caro Dei,
per quam salvi sumus rei.
Tu nos Christe redemisti,
dum in Cruce pependisti.

O magna vis amoris,
o immense benefitium largitatis.
Ut homines Deo faciat
Homo factus est Deus.
Salve sancta caro...

Mensa hec nos alit virtutis,
cibo salutis epulo, deliciis gloriæ.
Dum in panem vitæ
sededit Dominus et sanguinem suum
effundit in poculum.

Sancta caro, tu me munda,
Sancte sanguis, sancta unda,
lava me ab omni sorde
ut te puro queram corde.

Quid hac mensa pretiosius,
quid hoc Sacramento mirabilius
quo purgantur peccata virtutes augentur.
Animus impinguatur,
dulcedo gustatur spiritualis.

Sancta caro tu me munda...


Hail, holy flesh

For the Blessed Sacrament (the Eucharist)

Hail, holy flesh of God,
by which we sinners are saved.
You, Christ, redeemed us
while you hung upon the Cross.

O great power of Love,
O immense blessing of generosity.
That men should act for God,
God became Man.
Hail, holy flesh...

This table nourishes us with the food of virtue,
the banquet of salvation, the delights of glory,
since the Lord offered himself
into the bread of life
and poured forth his blood into a cup.

Holy flesh, cleanse me,
Holy blood, holy flood,
wash me of every stain
that I may seek you with purified heart.

How precious this table,
how miraculous this Sacrament
by which sins are purged, virtues increased.
May the soul be nourished,
the spiritual sweetness enjoyed.

Holy flesh, cleanse me

Translated by:

David Larrick with revisions by Richard Kolb

Translations by Owen Daly and Dr. David Larrick have been specially commissioned by Please credit this site and the translators if you choose to use these texts.

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Salve Sancta Caro

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